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Housing Society Solution is a unique proprietary Compliance Management service for efficient and smooth working of Co-operating Housing Societies, right from inception to long term management! The service includes By-laws & Regulatory Compliance Management, Liasoning with Government & Private parties, Registrations, Accounting, Auditing, Management Consulting, & Liasoning of Taxation and legal matters for Housing Societies in Maharashtra! This unique process has been developed by Suryavanshi’s, group of dynamic & seasoned professionals specializing in Housing Society Solutions for Builders & Co-operative Housing Societies since 1988!

Real estate development is rapidly growing in India! It is very important for Builders & Co-operative housing societies to keep up with Compliance Management framework right from Day One to avoid last minute hassles & spending extra costs! Housing Society Solutions is Catering to requirement of more than 250+ Housing Societies & 30+ Builders & Developers! Housing Society Solution is the only organization in Pune that provides full-length support in this domain.

Unique proprietary Compliance Management services for Housing Societies

When a Co-operative housing society is/ or to be formed, there are many Compliance & by-laws related issues! They include legal documentation, generation of reports, timely maintaining accounts and maintain transparency of the working through annual Audit. Housing Society Solution Services ensures up-to-date documentation & data management so that there is are no hassles & extra costs for non compliance!

Compliance Management services for Housing Societies includes :

  • Society Initial Set up
  • Society Monetary Set up
  • Computerized co operative accounting with specialized software
  • Society Management Consultancy as per by laws
  • Document preparation
  • Preparation of Final Statement of accounts for the audit as per formats prescribed by government, which includes all the provision of law
  • Accounting & Management software implementation & set up for Housing society with consulting back up
  • Society Development & re development
  • Old society re building as per act
  • Liasoning with builder & Government authorities
  • Liasoning of Legal cases of the co-operative housing society with all parties
  • Taxation Liasoning Services for the society

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Unique proprietary Compliance Management services for Builders & Developers

It is mandatory for every housing society to get registered under MCS ACT 1961. This is the most important legal procedure to be done in due time. There are many legal documentation and procedures involved in it. Hence the builder has to look into the minute details at the time of registration. Society plus makes it easy for the builder as they assist in the process of registration and transfer also. Society plus provides end –to –end service to the builder from forming up an Co-operative Housing Society , its registration & transfer, handing over charges to the society members and then by taking care for smooth functioning of the office of co-operative housing society by its value added services.

Compliance Management services for Housing Societies includes :

  • Society & Apartment Registration as per Law in enforcement
  • Society & Apartment Handover As per By-laws
  • Execution of Deed of Conveyance
  • Liasoning between Builder & Society in the process of Execution of Deed of Conveyance
  • Society & Apartment Consultancy As per specific Requirements
  • Management Consulting Right from Beginning of Society
  • Cooperative Department Guidance & Consultancy
  • Consultancy & Documentation in Re Development of Society Projects
  • Procedure
  • Cooperative permission
  • Apartment Registration

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Why Housing Society Solutions?

One of the most significant benefit from Housing Society Solutions is that the Builders & Housing Societies can actually save at least 50% of resources (Money & Management time)! Following are key highlights which makes Housing Society Solution a Unique Service :

  • Consulting with Long term Vision
  • Facilitate complete information for Decision Making process
  • Trust & Complete Reliability
  • Practical benefits in legal framework on account of Complete Know How
  • Hassle free & Appropriate Management of all project which further leads to create a Goodwill between Builders & Co-operative Housing Societies
  • Result Oriented execution with complete responsibility
  • End to End Comprehensive with Liasoning Expertise
  • Complete Coordination done in case of multiple entities involved, both internally & externally
  • Process oriented & Simplified
  • Integrate all aspects completely right from beginning of the assignment
  • Follow ups with Cooperative & Revenue Department
  • Unique Concepts introduced frequently for maintaining relationships between Builders & Housing Societies & any other parties involved

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